Looking For Garry Mac?

Before you start panicking that some sneaky internet bad guy called Garry Desmond took you to the wrong site, Garry Mac and Garry Desmond are the same people! Do we have multiple personality disorder? Not at all (though my wife has many alternative names she calls me) it's an old stage name thing.

For a while, I used Garry Mac for my comedy vocal shows and Garry Desmond my real name for stand up. These days I just do all shows under the name Garry Desmond. It got far too confusing for me hehe.

As you can see I have lost a bit of weight since then too, I really WAS an all-round entertainer back then especially my face!

And Breathe!

So now that all is well in the world have a look at my site and above all HAVE FUN! Why not start at the very beginning? Click here.

Garry Desmond Comedy Vocalist, Comedian
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