I am now tentatively re-filling the diary after the lockdown. Still waiting for more clarification from the Government and Equity. Before you go any further there will be some strict conditions to me taking a booking. Please read this first. At this stage bookings will, of course, be provisional in as much as they can change in response to the local council and government guidance.

Booking Information

Below are links to all the details about my shows and info you will need if you want to book me for an evening of fun for your audience. Please note I mainly work Clubs, Theatres, Holiday Parks, Residential homes and other venues.

I do work in pubs on occasion but they need to be the right kind of pubs. I will want to chat with you if you wish to book me for a pub. (Unless of course, I approached you first hehe)

Please note that ALL bookings WITHOUT EXCEPTION will be contracted either by me or by an agent. ALL bookings for private functions will require a 50% non-refundable deposit.

Please do not enquire if you are not prepared to commit to a booking my wife has another 40 feet of "nothing to wear" to buy and this is my living, not a hobby I hope you understand.