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Garry currently has several different shows available and when we say he is an all-rounder we mean it. You can hire him for any of the shows or services below:

Comedy Vocal Show

The comedy vocal show is a mixture of jokes, comedy songs and normal songs from the '50s '60s '70s 80's and a few from recent years. The comedy songs are typically rewrites of famous songs which audiences love. There will also be impressions and a little audience participation just to keep things moving.

These shows can be formatted as follows

3 x 30 min spot
2 x 45 min spot

Please use the booking enquiry form for a quote. Demos can be found here.

Stand Up Shows

Please note that stand up shows carry a minimum fee of £300. The fee will depend on the night of the week and distance. If you do not have this kind of budget then the comedy vocal show would be worth looking at.

These shows are strictly 45 mins to 1 hour long and are all about the comedy with just one normal song at the end. They will contain stand up, comedy songs and perhaps some impressions.

Please bear in mind that standup requires the full attention of an audience my standup is NOT suited to rowdy crowds, therefore these shows are limited to clubs, hotels, corporate venues and some holiday park venues, they do not work well in pubs or in rooms with children running around. There are also certain types of presentation nights these shows no longer suit because of the age of the audience, younger people are offended very easily these days. In short, before you book the stand-up show Garry will want to talk to you about your planned event.

Stand up shows come in three varieties depending on your needs:

The Blue Show
A word of warning here BLUE IS BLUE!!! There will be bad language and lots of explicit sexual reference. This is not a show for the faint-hearted it is funny but VERY RUDE please call for more info on this show if you have any doubts.

Adult Shows
The material for these shows is not so sexual in nature just good cheeky comedy delivered with a more adult mentality. Some of the jokes may contain swear words as they are part of the gag. This show is for adult-only audiences..

Cleaner Show
The Cleaner show has no swearing and no sexual content within the stand-up. However it may be quite cheeky, the show may contain a few near the knuckle jokes. This show is more popular with tour and holiday companies and in retirement communities.

This show is the most suitable for working men's clubs with strict language restrictions.

Please use the booking enquiry form for a quote. Demos can be found here.

Vocal Show

Performing under the stage name Garry Mac this show is mainly a vocal show with just a few one-liners and one or two comedy songs thrown in. Suitable for all audiences this show is aimed at venues with a limited budget. Please note that the songs will be from the 50's to the 80's so this is not suitable for a "young" venue.

Please use the booking enquiry form for a quote. Demos can be found here.

Compere Work

Are you having an event that requires a compere? Perhaps an audition night, presentation evening or a showcase? Garry can help. Over the years he has done a lot of compering for different events.

Please contact him using the booking enquiry form for a quote.

Panto Performer

An experienced panto performer Garry is also available for panto each year. Previous experience includes:

Buttons x3
Wishie Washee
Ugly Sister
Flesshcreep (Baddy)
Abanaza (Baddy)

Please use the booking enquiry form for a quote.

Acting Work

Garry is also a trained and experienced actor who has completed both film and theatre work including corporate training films. He is also an Equity member.

Please use the booking enquiry form for a quote.

Voice Overs

Do you need a voice over for an advert, video, jingle or recorded intro? Garry can help. Over the years he has done a lot of work for varying radio stations such as Kiss FM Gran Canaria, BBC Radio Humberside for Portsmouth heritage walks, a ton of voice-overs for jingles, intros and even corporate training videos for Crest International Hotels.

Obviously, as a comedian, he is very good at manipulating his voice from character voices to accents he can usually accommodate.

Please use the booking enquiry form for a quote.

Garry Desmond Comedy Vocalist, Comedian
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