Below you will find links to the websites of some of my friends and their businesses.

My Other Sites

Miserable Old Git
A site where you can moan to your hearts content about anything bothering you. A place where it is ok to be grumpy.

What Was That Joke Again
I keep meaning to get round to tidying this site up but there are a butt load of good jokes there to be read. Send me a good one when you get there I may include it.

Entertainer Friends

Tank Sherman
My good and daft as a box of frogs friend Tank Sherman. If he is EVER performing near you BE THERE this is one GREAT comedian!

Other Business Friends

3001 Web
If you need a website you need these people. They will build it, host it and look after you well. No crappy templates like on the free sites these are REAL websites. Their slogan is "We don't sell we solve" can't say I disagree that's exactly what they do.

Club And Pub Info
An excellent site for entertainers with details on venues shown BEFORE you get there. 100% free to use.