Terms And Conditions

I will try and keep these as simple as possible so I don't give myself brain strain.

Downloads From This Site

All downloads are tracked

All mp3 sales for this site are tracked. Refunds will only be processed if you have not yet downloaded the material. If you have clicked the download link for your purchase this is recorded on this site and no refunds will be offered.

There is a 3 download limit for all tracks on the site this is to prevent unauthorised link sharing.

Downloads are for your personal use ONLY!  You may NOT share them or post them on ANY website including social media without my written permission. All my recordings are copyright and will be treated as such.

Anything you find on my Facebook page or on YouTube may, of course, be shared.

If you want to use my work commercially or on a website contact me first, I am not unreasonable you know 😛 Share my work without my permission and I may well get upset and I HATE getting upset solicitors cost a bloody fortune which upsets me even more.

Please understand this is my living unauthorised sharing of my work literally messes with my livelihood, I would never do anything to threaten your living please pay me the same courtesy.

Finally you MUST promise to enjoy my nonsense and laugh as regularly as you can.



A booking enquiry is just that an enquiry, it does not constitute a booking. A booking is only deemed confirmed when you receive a contract from me or a registered agency.

Short Notice Cancellations

I have a simple but very fair policy on this. If you cancel any booking less than 14 days before the gig I will instruct my agents to try to find me an alternative booking. If they can not I WILL invoice you for the fee less the travelling expenses. This is my living please do not book in the first place unless you are sure you can honour the gig.

If I find another booking for the night of your cancellation then no further action will be taken. If cancellation fees are not paid I will put in a claim with the Equity legal department to recover any lost fees.