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Garry Desmond Downloads Shop

Welcome to my new downloads shop. Here you can either buy full albums or if you prefer you can choose your favourite songs, buy individual tracks and make your own album/playlist of my work.

As well as my comedy you will find a few recordings I sell for my good friend The Rockin' Jock.

You simply add what you want to the shopping cart and check out when you are ready. You will have immediate access to your downloads after payment.

Start by choosing your category below. To come back to this page just click the "shop" link in the navigation at any time.

If you are looking for me singing normal songs you need to visit my other site Garry Mac

No EU Downloads
Sorry but I can no longer offer downloads to EU countries (You are ok if you live in the UK) for more information on this please click here

Single Comedy Songs

Over the years I have done a LOT of comedy songs. In this category, you can choose your own mix to download and make your own custom album.

As I write new songs they will be added to this section while they may not always appear on my actual CDs.

Have fun and keep smiling!

Stand Up Tracks


Prefer the jokes to the comedy songs? Then this is your section. A selection of specially recorded shows put together for my CDs.

All  recordings are done in front of live audiences. (well most of them were alive I think)

Warning: ALL stand up tracks are ADULT material. It is not a good idea to play them with children in earshot unless you want to start answering awkward questions.

Full Comedy CDs


These are downloadable versions of the CD's I offer for sale at my shows.

The usually comprise of about 40 mins of standup and about 10 comedy songs (give or take one or two)

Warning: These CD's WILL contain adult material not suitable for little ears.

Have fun and keep smiling!

Rockin' Jocks Evil Scotsman


This is the official download page for Jocks song "The Evil Scotsman" A song we wrote together one drunken night that went viral when people assumed it was Billy Connolly.

Really? You can't tell the difference between an Aberdeen accent and a Glasgow accent? Hehe.

Warning: This is a VERY rude song.