RIP Club And Pub Stand Up

RIP Club And Pub Stand Up

So this is a bit of a sad day but after a couple of years struggling with this decision, I have decided I am no longer going to be performing either as a comedian or a comedy vocalist in clubs, pubs or holiday parks. (If you need stand up for theatre support work by all means get in touch)

There are many reasons I will give you just a few.

The “Woke” Brigade
Firstly let me say here that I feel REALLY sorry for this group in our society. They are offended by nearly everything which is no way to live I would go as far as to say many of them are actively looking for things to be offended by, this is very sad. It is almost like they are incapable of controlling their own feelings or emotions they seem to want society to do it for them. The words “grow up” come to mind.

Not only are they far too easily offended, oftentimes they are not even offended for themselves they are offended on someone else’s behalf which is pure insanity. Note: the other person does NOT need you to be offended for them they are more than capable of being offended all by themselves.

If you are “woke” and reading this then you really need to get a grip. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY you will EVER get EVERYONE to agree on ANYTHING! For any point of view or idea, there is always a multitude of differing opinions. This is what makes life wonderful and interesting we are ALL different. Debate and differing opinions often lead to natural improvements in society,  trying to police thoughts, speech, and freedom of expression is an oppression of the worst kind.  All you will ultimately achieve is the creation of conflict.

This is very simple, you have the power to be in control of your own emotions. If someone offends you personally then you have a choice, confront that person or if you really don’t care about their opinion, if they are not important to you, the wise thing to do is just walk away and find other people who you enjoy the company of.

To wrap this up a couple of quotes:

“Everyone has the right to be offended, but just because you are offended it does not mean you are right!”
“Political correctness is just fascism posing as good manners”

Now, this is not ALL audiences but I am sad to say an increasing number of them are guilty of this. Does the following sound like you? If it does, then in your defence is it probably not your fault and perhaps you don’t even realise what you are doing but ******* Simon Cowell and others with their BS talent shows have turned audiences from lovely people who want to be entertained into rooms full of judges.

The first point here is YOU are the main one LOSING OUT if this is you. A judgemental frame of mind is not conducive to enjoying yourself, it is a frame of mind that is negative and closes the mind off from being open to being entertained. If you go to view an act in a club or pub, they are there to entertain you, to help you have a good time not to be judged by you! They are NOT auditioning for you they already did that for the agent. Agents are professionals at judging the standard of an act these entertainers are professionals in front of you, not hopeful amateurs.

But you could do what they do right? Yes, I know you probably know a couple of songs you think you sing well on Karaoke, but could you sing 100 songs all the way through with no words in front of you? That is the minimum you would need in your repertoire to be a pro entertainer. Could you deal with no visual cues to tell you when to come in or when the instrumental breaks are? Sure, you love getting up in front of your mates or family but could you travel 50 to 200 miles on your own and perform for a room full of complete strangers where no one knows you? Could you communicate with those strangers between the songs? Would you know how to mix your sound or repair a PA system if something went wrong? Would you be able to read if the room was not enjoying your song choice and be able to switch to something they do like? Are you prepared to give up ALL your weekends EVERY week, miss family birthdays, weddings, funerals, Christmas eve and New Year’s Eve with your loved ones and going out and getting drunk with your friends? Are you prepared to set off from your house at 4 pm work until 11.30 pm then spend 40 minutes packing up and driving another 1 to 3 hours to get home, creeping in when everyone else is in bed?

I could go on and on and on here but you get the idea, I know you think you can do our job but I am betting 99% of you couldn’t or wouldn’t stick it out for long. Pro acts love what they do and part of that is helping you have a good time, don’t sit there judging them, their job is hard enough already, meet them halfway and have some fun just like you did before BGT or Xfactor.

Why Am I Quitting The Clubs?
I have loved my vocation for the past 30 years with all my heart, but sadly due to the above, the enjoyment has gone from that circuit and like most entertainers, for me, it is STILL about the entertaining more than the money.

It is time to make a change and seek out places where people REALLY want to be entertained, where they are not there just to chat to their mates, play bingo or get blathered.

What Am I Doing Now?

I am going back to my first love which is acting. I have been lucky enough to have been signed by Treble Clef Productions and will be touring with The Everly Brothers Dream (story), The Hollies Story and The Monkees Tale a new show which will be launched in 2022, all of which I narrate as various characters still with a humourous slant of course.

Keep your eye on my diary and come along if I am working near you, I guarantee you will love ANY of these shows. First-class young musicians re-creating great music in beautiful theatres with the story of the journey to fame thrown in for good measure. It is awesome!

See you there


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