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Below you will find posters, videos etc for your use to promote my shows. If you would prefer me to send you posters please pop me an email and I will take care of that for you. Please specify whether you want A3 or A4 Posters.

Keep Smiling


Make sure you download the correct posters, let me be VERY CLEAR you will get the show you booked. If you book me as a comedy vocalist you will get comedy vocal NOT stand up and you should NOT advertise me as a comedian. I am VERY strict about this. Please do not disappoint your audience!

Sorry to be a grumpy arse but I have had some less than honest bookers in the past book the comedy vocal show and put comedian posters all over the place these are very different shows and carry different fees.

Comedy Vocal = 3 x 30 mins or 2 x 45 min comedy vocal show with some gags, lots of normal songs and one or two comedy songs.
Comedian/Standup = 45 mins to 60 mins stand up with comedy songs

Garry Desmond Showreel

Feel free to download this for your website or Facebook promotion. The agent friendly version for download does not mention my website.

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Please feel free to shorten these sections if you wish but please do not add to them without checking with me first.

Garry Desmond

Comedian and professional nutter Garry Desmond was known for many years as Gran Canarias resident comedian has returned home and is now performing his stand up shows show all over the UK.

His natural ability for stand up and the ability to adapt to most audiences were rewarded several years ago when he supported Joe Longthorne as a guest artist on his 2013 and his 2014 theatre tour.

Looking for a particular style of stand up? Garry offers all shades of stand up comedy including :

Cheeky but clean for family audiences

The Adult Show

The Blue Show (very funny but very rude)

Looking for a great compere for an event or live show? Garry has also enjoyed growing demand in this very difficult to master field of entertainment.

A real all-round entertainer in every sense of the word Garry Desmond is just the man to put laughter and fun into any evening.

Garry Desmond Comedy Vocal Show

A True All Round Entertainer Performing songs from the 50’s to today this very talented comedy vocalist has won favour with audiences across Europe.

Not only a strong vocalist Garry is a great entertainer who loves nothing better than to communicate with his audience and bring them along for a fun ride.

As well as strong vocals Garry includes humour, impressions and his own original comedy parodies of famous songs.

Looking for something a little different? Garry is your man.