Old Photos

Below are a few old photos when I was young and slim. A few of my old caricatures here too.


Peter Peni

This was my version of the original 1970's "Medallion Man" The type of man that thinks he is god's gift to women but in reality is a laughable cheese ball.

Peter would impart his "Expertise" on attracting women then pull two female members of the audience to sit in his love chairs and proceed to rock their world with a suitably crude song.

I embarrassed a few hundred perfectly nice women with this character over the years. But they all had a good laugh.

peter peni

Ernie Grumpalot

A miserable old Git if ever you met one. This character actually resulted in a radio show on Kiss FM Gran Canaria with Rockin Jock who invented his own miserable old man Archie.

Ernie was renamed Bert and the miserable pair of old grumbling Gits had their own comedy radio show. The Beer Bellies Breakfast Show (It was at 2pm when people with hangovers should be waking up)

Ernie has now opened his very own moaning website Miserable Old Git. Not only does Ernie have a good old moan he invites YOU to join in and register free as an Old Git and moan to your hearts content.

You should try it.....it is great fun!

Ernie Grumpalot

The Mac Man

That title was given by the audiences as they could never remember the full name of this character. Augustus Clottybotty.

A train spotter with a speech impediment, below average intelligence, a big chip on his shoulder because people couldn't understand him, a shall we say unhygienic way of eating crisps and a foul mouth to boot.

What can I say? He was a hit with the audiences.

The Mac Man

Old Family Show Poster

This was the poster for my Family show in Gran Canaria when I first got there.

It is the one that was used most as I worked in a LOT of family hotels. Look how young and slim I was.......sigh!

This is of course the fault of all the people that kept coming to see me and buying CDS it meant I could afford to eat out all the time.

Old Family Show Poster

Old Adult Show Photo

This was one of the first posters in Gran Canaria for my blue show.

Curiously this was the one that the owner of the Barbacoa Graham Howie chose to plaster all over Puerto Rico on enormous billboards.

I moved up near the airport shortly after that as people kept spotting me and asking me to tell them jokes when I was trying to eat during the day. Thanks Graham!

Garry Desmond Blue Show Old
Garry Desmond Comedy Vocalist, Comedian
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