My Dad, My Mum And Me

Recently among some old junk I was sorting out I found a cassette tape that Mum and Dad recorded of me opening my Christmas presents in 1974.

I had just turned 5 Mum was about 23 and Dad 22. Not only did it have the present opening but a few other magical recordings.

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I split the tape up into a few sections and now we have a digital copy to keep. It was a Philips audio tape and lasted 42 years without degrading just shows how well things were made back then.

Enjoy xxx


Karaoke Before Karaoke even existed.

Here is a 23 year old mum singing her heart out twice. Between her and my dad constantly singing to me and with me is it any surprise I do what I do?


Me Opening My Christmas Presents 1974

This is such a precious recording to me the only one I have of my Dads voice. It is funny to hear the Mancunian/Lancashire accent mix. He sounds just as excited as I was and even takes the mickey out of mum at one point. That is how I remember him he was such fun.

The McHugh Family Singers.

These were recorded at the end of the present opening session.


Away In A Manger

I was kind of flat till Dad joined in, all three of us singing by the end. Hehe

Jingle Bells

Love this especially when Dad gets all jazzy with his voice in second verse. How I wish he had lived long enough to sing with me now.

My First Show Aged 5

This one amused the hell out of me. Today my comedy vocal show consists of a few jokes, normal songs, re-written songs and a few impressions.

This is my dad recording me doing a butt load of nursery rhymes, a few re-writes of nursery rhymes, an impression of Dick Emery and even me counting myself in. It really was a sign of what was to come.

Cause He's A Daft Dog


Guessing I was around 9 here because this references Patch and the thing my mum used to say to him all the time.

The B Side

This is just a selection of songs that my Dad recorded on the B side probably from the radio. A good insight into what he liked though.


Garry Desmond Comedy Vocalist, Comedian
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