I am now tentatively re-filling the diary after the lockdown. Still waiting for more clarification from the Government and Equity. Before you go any further there will be some strict conditions to me taking a booking. Please read this first. At this stage bookings will, of course, be provisional in as much as they can change in response to the local council and government guidance.


Welcome to the audio demo page, if you are thinking of booking the show or buying one of my cds there are varying short demos for you to listen to below.


This is a temporary, short showreel of clips taken at various gigs over the past few years.

It is a few years since I had a showreel done a new pro showreel will be coming in June 2020.

This should give you an idea of what to expect and demonstrate how my shows are usually received by audiences.

Various Audio Demos

1. Stand Up Demo
This comes in varying shades from clean shows to full blue. Please note that adult or blue demos do contain some bad language.

Please note: If you wish to book a stand-up show or the comedy vocal show I do also have family-friendly shows available with no bad language and cleaner material. I am also regularly booked for Pensioner parties and care homes with the cleaner shows.

2. Comedy Song Demos
Short samples from just 2 of the many re-written parody songs which are very popular with audiences. As with the stand up the comedy, most of the songs can be toned down for a more family-friendly show.

3. Normal Song Demo
For those of you who book the comedy vocal show it will be a mixture of stand up, comedy songs and normal songs so here is a recording of me singing without the clowning around.


 Clean Stand Up Demo


Adult Stand Up Demo


Blue Stand Up Demo


Comedy Songs Demo


Normal Songs Demo


Garry Desmond Comedy Vocalist, Comedian
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