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Full Comedy Albums

On this page you will find downloads for the various complete albums. Please be aware that these are large download files so only recommended for those of you who have decent broadband.

If you do not for an extra £2 I can post you an actual CD.


Please note that in order to prevent link sharing all download links will expire after 72 hours so please download your songs immediately after payment.

Last stand cd cover

Garry Desmonds' Last Stand

This is the CD I am currently selling at my gigs. Should have bought it on the night it would have saved you a quid 😛

If you want to hear song samples please see the single comedy songs page.

01. Adult Stand Up
02. The Babba Medley
03. Is It A Boy Or A girl
04. Bumberful Tonight
05. Dear Penis
06. Divorce (Country re-mix)
07. The eBay Song
08. It Was Over
09. I've Farted
10. Quazzys' Song
11. Santa Claus Was Going To Town
12. The Timeshare Song

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More comedy CDS will be coming soon!

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