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More Laughs


The fact that you are on this page means one of two things...........

  1. You bought one of my CDS at one of my shows. Thank you I really enjoyed the kebab on my way home, in fact I had chips too.
  2. You picked up one of those free little laughter passes i give away at my gigs.

Before we start my real name is actually Garry Desmond I only use Garry Mac if a venue is too tight to book the stand up show hehe.

So here's the deal I want to keep you laughing all year long not just when I am in your local venue just take all these steps to get maximum laughs. All these links will open in a new tab so you do not lose this page.


Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

Every now and again I post my new songs here with a video this will make sure you see them first. Just hit the subscribe button when you get there and the little bell if you want to know immediately when I post a new video.



Like And Follow My Facebook Page

This is the place I post my nonsense the most regularly. Plenty of laughs to be had by liking and following my Facebook page.


Check Out My Downloads Shop

There are lots of comedy downloads from just 99p. Let's be clear here this does not make me fortunes but it does help me keep spreading the laughter and helps cover studio costs when I record new stuff.


Visit My Joke Site

Yes of course I have a joke site. The clean jokes are free, the adult stuff is £2 a year. Others might not care what kids see, I DO! You will get the £2 back in the form of a voucher you can spend in my download shop after you join. So it doesn't really cost you anything.


Above all else just make sure you KEEP SMILING!!!